About This Movie

Paku Movie is directed by P.Rameesh ans starring by Johan As’ari, Aishah Ilias, Azad Jazmin, Kamal Adli, Diana Johor, Pekin Ibrahim, Sidek Hussin, Zaidi Omar, Baharuddin Hj Omar, Wan Hanifisu, Diddy Hirdy, Dato’ Aziz Singah, Jenny Cortez and Yus Raja Lawak.

Paku Movie Plot
When Fahmi loses his wife Rania due to childbirth, he becomes desperate. Left to raise his eldest son alone, Fahmi decides that he has to bring his wife back to life so that his son would not have to grow up without a mother. After extensive research, Fahmi discovers that it is possible through the means of black magic – by hammering a nail into Rania’s skull. But the woman that awakens is not the wife he once knew. (19316)

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